Al Arabiya Lugati 3

Short description of Al-‘Arabiyya lughatī 3 – My language is Arabic 3

This textbook applies a new method for Arabic learning. The textbook gives the student the opportunity to learn Arabic in an easy and enjoyable way.

  • The textbook consists of two units. Each unit contains five chapters. Each chapter consists of a simple and short text followed by five questions whose answer can be found from the text. Afterwards follow five questions involving some vocabulary from the text.
  • The student learns grammar by following examples provided to complete the grammatical exercises.
  • The general exercises stimulate the student to think before completing the exercise.
  • Instead of the traditionally dictation, which is not favoured by many students, the students have the option to choose a few sentences they have to learn and write by heart.
  • In the book there is space available to write the answers to the exercises and, thus, there is no need for a separate note book.
  • The book contains a few poems and two short stories.
  • There are 12 general exercises in each unit, all associated with the texts in the unit.
  • The book provides the student the opportunity to learn and study independently in a modern and pedagogical manner.